Sean Conley
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Pro sports can make for strange careers, but none are more bizarre than the unstable existence of an NFL placekicker.

It is hands down the most insecure role in football if not all sports. Macho teammates think kickers are weak wannabe athletes in undersized pads, head coaches consider them an inconvenience all too prone to failure, and most legitimate agents don’t deem the position worthy of representation. Even a kicker’s own mind can undercut him, with one wrong thought sending him into a career-ending case of the “yips,” leaving him unable to ever kick straight again.


Sean Conley

Writer. Yoga & meditation teacher.
Former NFL player.

A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Sean Conley fell in love with kicking at age eight. After playing college football at the University of Pittsburgh, he began a dramatic, abbreviated NFL career, playing for the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, and finally for the Scottish Claymores in Europe. That journey came with a price.

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